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pic of dave Dave - 2022

These pages are a collection and archive of original articles and photo sets I've submitted to the Automotive press or posted online over the last 20 years.

Professional works have appeared in:

• Heavy Duty Magazine

• Kiwi Rider Magazine

• Hog Magazine

• Torque Magazine

• NZ Herald

• The Business Times

• Twin Eagle Magazine

• Rip It Up

• Motorbike Writer and numerous other web sites.


Embedded in the posts are You Tube videos or a Flickr slide show. Mouse over the images to show navigation. Older posts have downloadable medium resolution individual images.

The texts are unedited draft documents, so apologies for the typos and errors in advance.


If you live in South-East Queensland and you'd like your bike photographed or have a photography or video project in mind - drop me a line:

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